renting a mobile home in Turkey has become a new investment tool

renting a mobile home in Turkey

The caravan, which has transformed into a new lifestyle with the pandemic, has become a new investment tool for medium-sized investors using the “buy – rent a mobile home in Turkey” method of “caravan”.

Birkan Ulker, co-founder of Shantigo Caravan, stated that there has been a nearly 500% increase in caravan rental requests from vacationers and tourists and that the increased demand for caravans has led to the revival of the “caravan production” sect renting a mobile home in Turkey  or, and said: An opportunity to earn 9-12 thousand TL per month Through the site, and thus the method of “buying and renting a caravan” has become a “new investment tool”, according to what was translated by the New Turk Post from Turkish newspapers.

Ulker explained that the caravan or mobile homes offer investors a different investment opportunity and that they have created a profitable investment area for themselves.

Investing by renting a mobile home in Turkey “Caravans rental in Turkey”

  • You can choose a suitable car from the market and have it delivered to us to make the caravan, or you can buy one of the SG4 and SG4 Plus models we produced after a long research and development work. In both cases, we sign a contract with the investor as a company, we rent the caravan that the investor has bought on behalf of our clients and thanks to this method, the investor can earn high income. “
  • At the same level, Ulker emphasized that companies cover maintenance, repair, auto insurance and routine maintenance of a vehicle that investors purchase.
  • “Shantigo has all the responsibilities you mentioned. With our research and development work and financial strength in the caravan manufacturing and rental sector, we now offer a profitable model for small and medium-sized investors.”
  • Ülker added that investors who buy or produce caravans from their company and invest by renting a mobile home in Turkey will earn an estimated 9-12 thousand lira per month.

Caravan rental price in Turkey

The price of renting a caravan in Turkey “mobile home rental in Turkey” starts from 600 Turkish liras per day and rises according to the model and type of caravan and the rental period.

What is the price of caravans in Turkey

The price of caravans in Turkey ranges between 40000 Turkish liras and it can reach 500 thousand Turkish liras, due to the specifications of the caravan.

Among the most requested types of caravans in Turkey, we mention:

  • Caravan pick-up at a price of 65,000 Turkish liras.
  • A motor caravan has a price of 98000 Turkish liras, and its price can reach 140000 Turkish liras.
  • And towed caravans at prices starting from 100 thousand Turkish liras.

Types of caravans and mobile homes in Turkey Types of caravans and mobile homes in Turkey

In Turkey, there are fixed caravans, and mobile caravans (mobile house or towing house).

Fixed caravans “pull”

These are the types of caravans used for fixed purposes, such as the need to live in a temporary workplace.

This type is sometimes developed to satisfy the desire to build a house quickly and is also portable.

Mobile caravans “mobile” – caravans cars

These types of caravans are often used for tourist purposes as an alternative to tents on camping trips, and are popular with many groups of people who want to diversify their activities each time and enjoy the opportunity to stay in the middle of the picturesque nature. While meeting their needs and well-being as if they were at home, in nature, or wherever they choose.

Caravans for sale Turkey

A number of specialized companies in Turkey offer the import and export of caravans, European and Turkish caravans with the possibility of sewing and manufacturing to obtain caravans for sale in Turkey or to the desired location, with ready-made European features or with optional modifications and using raw materials, so that the caravan is finished according to the customer’s request.

Is it possible to design a mobile home in Turkey on demand in the caravan factories?

Since the caravan is entirely produced in Turkey, there are companies that offer people with special tastes the opportunity to customize the caravan they want with the desired features, according to the customer’s request and the design required, with the structures and tools all imported from the brand. : Peugeot – Citroen – Fiat. (With the possibility of producing cars of any brand upon request)

Turnkey caravans prices and details are usually determined by type, size, features, type of wood used for paint, bedding required and other features.

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