Great interest in Istanbul Buying and selling real estate and virtual land Metaverse!

real estate and virtual land Metaverse

Great interest in Istanbul virtual real estate and land Metaverse! According to media reports, real estate and land have been sold in “Metaverse World” with a value exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the price per square meter sometimes exceeds 4 thousand dollars.

Metaverse, land purchase and investment

Customers of the virtual “Metaverse” platforms have begun to invest, buy and sell real estate and virtual land Metaverse, believing that it will be of great value in the future and will bring them huge profits.

Recently, the phenomenon of buying real estate and land on these virtual platforms has increased dramatically.

A thousand plots of land in Istanbul Real Estate and Virtual Land Metaverse

  • In this context, 30,000 plots of land were sold in Turkey, of which 15,000 were in Istanbul, via the virtual Metaverse platforms.
  • All symbolic places such as stadiums, palaces, mosques and bridges were purchased.
    While there are many platforms that sell virtual terrain, the most popular are Decentraland, Sandbox, OVR, and Nextearth.
  • The sale and purchase of virtual real estate and land Metaverse is done in cryptocurrency and the same land can have a different owner on each platform.

Metaverse, land purchase and investment

The most desirable land in Metaverse has reached millions of dollars

On the same level, regarding the sale and purchase of real estate and virtual land Metaverse, the virtual platform Decentraland sells on the real map of the world, as it is considered the most preferred platform by people because of its graphics quality and the availability of very entertaining games.

The price per square meter of plots of land for sale on the platform amounted to 4000 dollars.

The platform sells the land consisting of 4 plots at a value of $500,000 and the desired plots at an exotic price of up to $5 million.

And the platform recently launched a new service for the sale of purchased land, for example, a person who buys land for 2 million dollars can put it up for sale for 5 million dollars, for example.

Real estate and land prices in Metaverse

real estate and virtual land Metaverse, Prices on Metaverse vary depending on the popularity of the platform, and Sandbox is the second most popular virtual platform after Decentraland.

The sale and purchase of virtual real estate and land Metaverse on this platform is done on a virtual map, unlike Decentraland, which sells land on the real map.

Players mostly prefer the Sandbox platform, and the prices in it vary according to the places of sale, and the price of one plot of land ranges between 12 thousand and 10 million dollars.

According to the media, famous shoe companies and popular gaming websites have purchased many virtual lands on this platform.

Great interest in Istanbul real estate and virtual land on the virtual Metaverse platforms

  • On the other hand, the OVR platform sells land at reasonable prices because it divides the world map into 1.6 trillion plots.
  • In order to sell and buy virtual real estate and land Metaverse from this platform, it is necessary to enter an auction.
  • And on this platform, the lands of Istanbul have attracted the most attention and there are places like Istiklal Street, Moda, Uskudar where the lands are completely depleted.
  • While the total income obtained from the lands sold on the virtual “Next earth” platform is $759,302, there are also lands in Taksim, Nisantasi and Muda, in which the entire land has been sold.

A platform user bought his seafront land for $52 and then sold it for $121!

Is it safe to use Metaverse virtual platforms?

Many experts have warned against dealing with these platforms, especially the sale and purchase of real estate and virtual land Metaverse, especially since there is no legal system that protects the rights of the buyer.

The lawyers also pointed out that there is a high risk of buying from these platforms, as there is no legal regulation regarding virtual lands being bought and sold on different platforms.

In this regard, Turkish lawyer Ansal Omsek said that no legal action can be taken in the world of virtual Metaverse platforms.

People who will be victims of these platforms in the future can go to the prosecutor’s office and file a criminal complaint.

However, since what happened is a hypothetical purchase, it is difficult to reach a satisfactory and legal outcome.”

He pointed out that all countries are now waiting for an appropriate and clear law for these platforms, and that the rights of the seller and buyer are guaranteed through these platforms.

All you need to buy a property in the “World of Metaverse” is to register on one of the platforms “Metaverse” (Decentraland), (Sandbox) and others.

To complete the process of real estate assets, “blockchain” technologies are used to sell land and other items in the form of non-tradable tokens (NFTs), a type of crypto-asset that is a “technological standard for unique digital assets.” Like real estate and virtual homes.”

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