Property tax values in Turkey 2022

Property tax values in Turkey 2022

Property tax values in Turkey 2022 are expected to be calculated , with an increase of 18.10%, half the revaluation rate for this year.

The public statement of the Real Estate Tax Law prepared by the Treasury and Financial Revenue Department has been published in the Official Gazette, effective January 1, 2022.

What is the property tax in Turkey?

It is a type of tax paid annually for real estate such as “apartment, land, shop, office…”. Regularly every year for the benefit of the district municipality, based on the Real Estate Tax Law No. 1319 which obliges people who own real estate to pay real estate tax.

Determining property tax values in Turkey 2022

With this announcement, the property tax values for the next year have been determined, and based on this announcement:

  • The announced values for 2022 have been increased by 18.10%, which is half the revaluation rate (36.20%) set for this year. Thus, those whose building tax value is more than 6 million 173 thousand liras of housing within the borders of Turkey will be subject to the housing value tax.
  • The new year’s appraisal rate has halved at the lower and upper end of home values, which form the basis of tax rates.
  • In this context, it is defined as 3 per thousand for the minimum and maximum value of housing between 6 million and 173 thousand TL and 9 million TL, exceeding 6 million and 173 thousand TL (including this amount). 260 thousand Turkish liras.
  • For immovable funds amounting to 12 million 347 thousand liras (including this amount), it was determined as 9 thousand 261 Turkish liras against 9 million 260 thousand liras and 6 per thousand for the surplus.
  • As for what exceeded the value of 12 million and 347 thousand Turkish liras, the upper limit for this amount and the value of the property tax in Turkey 2022 is 27 thousand and 783 liras, and the increase is 10 per thousand.

How do I calculate property tax in Turkey?

  • When you want to calculate the value of the tax in question, you should know that it is mandatory for every property in Turkey, but it varies from property to property, and the annual property tax is increased or accepted according to the property value, also (popular allowance) is the minimum property value, that is, the value The market for buying and selling real estate, which overshadows the value of the annual property tax and thus the change in the value of the property. The property is determined annually by the municipality based on the value of the general allowance.
  • An important factor that can affect the value of the property tax is the municipality of the region as the property to which this tax will be paid varies according to the municipality, whether it is in the city or outside the city.

Are there categories that are exempt from property tax in Turkey 2022?

Yes, certainly there are categories that are exempt from property tax values in Turkey 2022, which include: housewives, widows, the unemployed, families of martyrs, veterans, and the disabled, but there are certainly conditions for them to be exempted from paying property tax in Turkey.

What is the penalty for late payment of property taxes in Turkey?

Anyone who initially delays the tax will be penalized for each late payment, in the event of a long delay in payment, this penalty will increase significantly and the property tax values in Turkey 2022 may reach a value higher than the basic tax.

What taxes are paid once in Turkey?

One of the taxes that you have to pay when buying a property in Turkey is the property tax and it is paid only once, when selling or buying a property, and the value to be paid is about four percent of the total value of the property and is paid jointly between the buyer and seller, and this is the law that applies to it, but In fact, it is the buyer who pays the full amount owed to him.

It is clear that paying Property tax values in Turkey 2022 is very normal and that Turkey is not united in this issue alone and that the value to be paid is reasonable, not unacceptable and unaffordable.

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