Real estate consultant and how to choose it in Turkey

Real estate consultant and how to choose it in Turkey

Foreign investors want to come to Turkey to buy real estate and need some advice to buy real estate. The real estate advisor saves the investor a lot of time and effort in finding the real estate that suits him and meets his requirements. Who is a real estate consultant and how to choose it in Turkey and what is its importance

Who is the real estate advisor?

A real estate consultant can be defined as a person or group of people working in a consulting office with a high level of competence and sufficient knowledge in purchasing real estate in Turkey.

And real estate consultants provide the best service for businessmen and those who want to own real estate, they pledge to avoid all risks and mistakes that may arise from the process of buying real estate, by providing appropriate recommendations and a comprehensive search for the properties to be purchased.

Estasia Real Estate owns a group of real estate consultants with extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market, and provides all real estate consultancy services completely free of charge. Real estate consultant and how to choose it in Turkey.

Real estate consultant job

The main task of the real estate consultancy business is to conduct a comprehensive real estate research and to ensure that customers are satisfied with the relevant recommendations at the end of the event and to purchase the property at the lowest possible cost. We can summarize the tasks or work of the real estate consultant with specific points such as:

  • It begins with communicating or meeting with the client, and then defining the client’s primary and secondary goals in real estate.
  • Knowing the budget that the client wants to invest in.
  • Start by doing some in-depth research to help the client achieve their goal of finding the best deals as quickly as possible.
  • Presenting the results (list of eligible properties) with all objectivity and transparency to ensure that the client is informed of the best investment opportunities available within the pre-set budget.
  • Provide the client with any support and sufficient explanation of the options available to get a clear picture of the properties offered to help him choose.
  • Determine the date of the site visits appropriate to the time of the client and visit the specified properties and explain all the positive and negative features of the property and the area in which it is located.
  • Reviewing new construction plans with clients, providing guidance and advice to the client, formulating benefits and features provided with the client.
  • The real estate consultant acts as a mediator and negotiates between the client and the seller.
  • Coordinating sales operations and supervising the signing of contracts and payment of financial dues.
  • A real estate consultant or real estate agent provides after sales services such as resale or rent for those looking for a real estate investment in Turkey.
  • Assistance in choosing home furniture from the best furniture companies in Turkey.

What is the importance of a Real estate consultant and how to choose it in Turkey

The importance of real estate consultants lies in the fact that clients save a lot of time and effort in finding suitable properties, especially since buying property in Istanbul requires a long search that may take several months.

Brokers play an important role in guiding clients to do business with reliable construction companies, especially when there are many companies operating in the construction industry, and they also represent the challenging aspects of choosing a construction company to do business and purchase real estate.

The real estate consultant and advisory office in Turkey directs and guides residential projects that provide safe living and appropriate to the needs and standards of its clients, and it is no secret that it is difficult for anyone to buy a property in the following cases, because there are many real estate projects in Istanbul.

Real estate agents will not hesitate to provide the information that customers need when buying a property, and this information comes from the property’s website, internal and external features, and services provided to the property, and here lies the importance of a real estate advisor in Turkey.

The most important point and importance of the real estate consultant comes in obtaining real estate at a reasonable price without increasing, decreasing or decreasing the rights of the buyer and seller, that is, real estate consultants unanimously offer suitable prices according to the real estate market.

The real estate agent will then continue to work in the Land Registry (Taboo) and resolve all legal issues related to the procedures for transferring ownership and real estate ownership in government agencies, if this is not a mystical work, then you can imagine that without a real estate advisor, it is difficult for foreigners to conduct such transactions.

Criteria and how to choose an expert and distinguished real estate advisor

There are criteria that you must consider before choosing your real estate advisor, including:

  1. Transparency in the workplace: When choosing a real estate agent, the client can rely on the principle of transparency, and seek honesty in his words and actions, and this is clear to the client from the first meeting with the real estate consultancy office.
  2. Professional competence: The professional competence and high capabilities of real estate agents can be identified through a comprehensive examination of the property, reaching the point of convincing the client to buy a property, and the professional competence of the real estate agent. The real estate consultant’s expertise can be discovered by conducting the real estate appraisal processes to the fullest.
  3. Punctuality: The real estate agent must have correct dates and times from the start of the business in order to gain the trust of the client.
  4. Speed in completing the work and not delaying in solving problems or delaying in performing the work that must be done.

As a client, you need to find these criteria in a real estate agent or real estate advisor before trusting an advisory office and making a deal, Real estate consultant and how to choose it in Turkey

The most important real estate consultancy companies in Turkey

Asaasia Real Estate Company: Astasia Real Estate consultants provide their clients with all the real estate advice they need while buying real estate in Turkey, which includes the first information and expectations that investors need in the Turkish real estate sector

Astasia’s business also includes requests for proposals related to real estate projects, the costs of these projects and potential future returns. The real estate advisory team in the company introduces investors to the real estate sector in Turkey, and changes in real estate prices that may occur due to the fluctuation of the Turkish lira against the US dollar.

The advisory team at Astasia Real Estate also evaluates the goals that investors hope to achieve with their investments and determines the appropriate strategy for them.

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