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About Us

ISTASYA PROPERTY is one of the largest investment companies in residential and commercial real estate all over Turkey especially in Istanbul, Antalya, Sapanca and Yalova. The main business of the company is to develop and sell real estate projects and help by choosing the right property, as well as other construction projects. Our team consists of real estate experts who will be ready to help, especially Arabs. We cooperate with more than 200 real estate companies and tourism agencies in Europe, CIS and Arab countries

ISTASYA PROPERTY is a professional agency. ISTASYA PROPERTY was launched from the heart of Turkey. In 2004 our real estate activity was largely local, and in recent years we have moved more to the real estate activity abroad to meet the needs of our valued customers everywhere. Our vast experience in real estate in Turkey, our qualified experts in Turkish universities with diplomas in the field of investment and real estate, our official licenses from the Turkish government authorities, our internal and external relations… and many factors helped ISTASYA PROPERTY to occupy the highest ranks in the Turkish real estate market shortly.

We continue with them field trips to evaluate and pricing the property on the ground and watch it. We follow them with advice and advice – we speak your language – according to studies and analyzes,

At ISTASYA PROPERTY, all our dealings are official and documented by official contracts, our financial system is Islamic, we treat your primary interest as our reputation, the place where you find outstanding opportunities to get what you want from real estate, farms, land, houses and luxury villas,

All of our services involve the most beautiful and upscale Turkish cities such as (Istanbul – Sapanca – Izmit – Yalova – Sakarya – Alanya – Antalya) at the most favorable prices and lowest costs and the fastest means.