How do I invest my money in Turkey and what are the top 10 investment sectors in Turkey for foreigners

How do I invest my money in Turkey and what is the best investment in Turkey

Investing in Turkey is one of the first preferences of investors from all over the world due to its strategic location and great returns. What are the best investment options for foreigners in Turkey and how do I invest my money in Turkey?

What is the best investment in Turkey?

The best investment options for foreigners in Turkey, which offers high returns and is known as the most profitable investments, is:

Top 10 investment sectors in Turkey for foreigners

  1. The real estate sector in Turkey
  2. Information Technology and Technology
  3. Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST)
  4. Forex
  5. Textiles and clothing
  6. Energy and Natural Resources
  7. environment and recycling
  8. health sector
  9. tourism
  10. Invest in gold or silver

Real estate investment in Turkey

How do I invest my money in Turkey? What is real estate investment?

Real estate investment in Turkey is the most profitable investment and offers high returns in a short time. If you want to invest smartly and get a return on your money, it is very important to invest in the right real estate. The number one goal of smart investing is to save your assets and value them for a profit. Also, you may want to make purchases, fund your other investments, or provide for your unexpected requirements. In short, it may aim to make profits and preserve their value as well as convert them into cash when required.

  • Turkey offers the right to citizenship by buying real estate in Istanbul with more than 400 thousand dollars to foreigners, which has raised real estate and housing sales in the country. Not only in Istanbul, in any part of Turkey by buying any type of real estate such as apartments, detached houses, villas, shops, offices and land worth 400 thousand dollars, you will get the right to Turkish citizenship. Also by buying a property for less than this price, you can get a residence permit in Turkey and come to Turkey without the need for a visa. New Turkish Citizenship Law
  • You can buy apartments with a total value of $400,000 and give them to rent. Especially in cities like Istanbul, Bodrum, Mugla (Fethiye) and Antalya, rents are high there so you will have high returns on investment.

What are the real estate investment options in Turkey?

  1. Question: How do I invest my money in Turkey? Answer: By buying a property in an under construction project in a vital or strategic area that will be very popular and will be sold after the completion of the project at a higher price. What is currently attracting investors is the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul and apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea.
  2. Investment in land for sale in Turkey with strategic locations may be included in city planning plans or the possibility of building housing complexes on them later and then selling them later at double prices.
  3. Real estate development: buying an old property, renovating it, improving it and selling it at a higher price.
  4. Buying a ready-made apartment in a project, then renting it, and guaranteeing a fixed monthly return.

How do I invest my money in Turkey through information technology and technology

  • Turkey attaches great importance to technological research and development in recent years. Many Turkish universities have a technology department and these departments facilitate the investment process for investors to enter this sector.
  • Turkey has a very advantageous location for investment, especially for investors who want to invest in software development, biotechnology, nanotechnology and electronics, although there are many domestic and foreign companies operating in the IT and technology sector, there are still a lot of gaps and opportunities in the market that it provides. this sector.

Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST) – Make the Right Move, Earn High Returns

The Istanbul Stock Exchange is a market where transactions are made through an intermediary and in order to become successful in this market, you need patience, experience, knowledge and some important strategies. The question is how do I invest my money in Turkey through the stock exchange?

It is important to invest and gather information in many areas and many companies in the volatile stock market. The Istanbul Stock Exchange market fluctuates frequently, and is exposed to higher risks than the real estate sector. But with the right moves, the Istanbul Stock Exchange offers high returns to investors.

Foreign exchange market “Forex”

  • Forex is one of the other best options for investing in Turkey based on foreign currencies. To trade in the forex market, you can open an account with the brokerage firm of your choice. Then, with your deposit, you can perform transactions from your computer, tablet or mobile phone wherever the Internet is.
  • The biggest difference in the forex market from markets like the stock market is that it can be traded in two directions, for example; To make a profit in the stock market, the investor must first purchase this product. In forex, you can buy and sell the product you want with your guarantees.
  • It can generate high profits by providing good market analysis skills and accurate information to investors. The amount of money invested and the leverage are the most important forex factors.

Investing in gold or silver is one of the most important investment sectors in Turkey

Precious metals are known as jewelry of high quality standards. For this reason, investment in these mines usually depends on their solid and reliable structures. Low-risk precious metals investments are showing consistent performance in the global economy. Just like in the Istanbul stock market, having experience and knowledge in this sector is important when investing. Gold has always held a leading position in investment rankings.

The most important ways to invest small money in Turkey and what is the best investment in Turkey

Many success stories started with investing a small amount of money, and some entrepreneurs are not shy about remembering their humble beginnings in the business world.

How to invest a small amount in Turkey

Many of the world’s leading companies have now been established with very modest capital such as Ford-Apple-Dell-Disney and many others

You have to take some few steps before you start your investment in Turkey and before you ask how do I invest my money in Turkey?

  • Get rid of your debts.
  • Create an emergency account.
  • Define your goals and needs
  • You have to prepare a clear budget.
  • Create your investment plan
  • Choose the appropriate investment and select the investment period
  • Investment diversification is required.

Invest small money by buying stocks

Equity investment: A share of funds purchased within the capital of companies and institutions that offer a part of their shares for trading to become an investor (shareholder) as a party to the owners of companies or institutions, or as contributors to the growth of capital over time. sell it.

For example, buying shares worth $500, and after a few days or months of purchase, they will be sold at $800 when their value rises in the financial market, which contributes to applying the correct concept of investment, and achieving financial profits.

What are investment funds?

It is a group of financial funds that include stocks and bonds that investors buy their contents, and then work to invest according to their own areas, and may be sold later at a price higher than the purchase price, and thus the concept of investment is applied correctly, usually investment funds focus on transferring the value of bonds Small stocks can be valued at high value if their owners do not want to sell them at a price higher than the purchase price.

Is the best investment in Turkey investing in real estate?

  • Because real estate investment is greatly affected by the country’s economy and political stability, Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region.
  • Real estate is the largest growing and profitable sector in the world.
  • Investing in real estate yields almost guaranteed results without risk.

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey, the best investment sectors in Turkey, according to global indicators?

  • Apartment prices in Turkey are constantly rising, as a result of continuous foreign demand.
  • According to the Knight Frank International Index, Turkey is part of the world’s largest market for real estate price growth.
  • Turkey ranks second among the most attractive markets according to Ernst & Young.
  • Several other indicators filter the Turkish real estate markets in order to provide the best achievements in the coming years.

Source: Key global indicators

Distinctive projects in Istanbul

Bosphorus view apartments for sale in Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey

How do I invest my money in Turkey: Apartments overlooking the Bosphorus for sale in Uskudar, Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey

Within a full-service residential complex consisting of 406 apartments, varying between 2 + 1 and up to 5 + 1

The new project that will rise in Uskudar, one of the Bosphorus districts, there are different types of apartments from 2 + 1 to 5 + 1 in the project. The areas of the apartments in the project range from 157 square meters to 423 square meters.

Project services:

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

Children’s pool

Children’s playgrounds

Sauna, fitness center

24 hour security

Stunning view of the Bosphorus

closed car parks

Walking and cycling paths


Prices and spaces

  • Two bedrooms apartments area between 160 m2 to 413 m2, prices start from 4,800,000 Turkish liras
  • Three bedrooms apartments area between 181 m2 to 207 m2, prices start from 5,300,000 Turkish liras
  • Four bedrooms apartments area of ​​​​235 m2, prices start from 7.000.000 Turkish liras
  • Five bedrooms apartments duplex area of ​​384 m2, prices start from 13,600,000 Turkish liras

Payment method :

50% down payment and the rest in installments over 36 months without interest

Special discount for cash payment

The title deed is ready and suitable for Turkish citizenship


Cheap apartments for sale in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul

How do I invest my money in Turkey? You can invest through: Cheap apartments for sale with a guarantee of resale, the project is located in Kucukcekmece in European Istanbul, and along Basin Express Street, the project consists of two blocks with a height of 10 floors

Prices and spaces

  • 1 + 1 apartments, an area between 80 to 95 meters, prices start from 1,417.000 Turkish liras
  • 2 + 1 apartments with an area between 103 to 127 meters, prices start from 1,830.000 Turkish liras

Delivery date:

October 2023

Suitable for Turkish citizenship

Title deed is ready

Resale guarantee after one year with 40% profit

Payment method :

Installment with a down payment of 50% and the rest over 12 months without interest

Special discount for cash payment


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