Features of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul

Features of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul

An article written to be a comprehensive guide about the advantages Features of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul. Its location, weather, in addition to its most important features, infrastructure, and all the advantages of buying an apartment in Kartal Istanbul.

Learn about Kartal district in Istanbul

Features of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul

Due to its tourism importance and geographical location, we will mention the most important points that foreign and Arab investors are keenly interested in, by presenting:

A glimpse of the Kartal region in Turkey

  • The site of Kartal, which dates back to the Byzantine period, was incorporated into the Ottoman territory in the fifteenth century AD. It was included within the city limits of Istanbul in 1888 (during the Ottoman Empire).
  • Kartal Istanbul also obtained the status of an independent municipality in June 1928 under Law No. 1282.
  • Kartal has now become one of the most active areas in Istanbul, as it has attracted many investments, and has been the focus of attention for many visitors, tourists and owners of capital. The rapid development in the region has helped attract investors and make it their first destination in Turkey.

Location of Kartal district in Istanbul

The municipality of Kartal is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul (Asian Istanbul), directly on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, and extends inland to its beautiful green hills.

Kartal faces directly from the sea side the Princes‘ Islands; It is surrounded by Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Maltepe and Sancaktepe.

The population of this region is 500 thousand people, and most of its inhabitants are Muslims, with the presence of Orthodox and Armenians.

Location of Kartal district in Istanbul

Location on the map showing the importance of Kartal district in Istanbul for investment and tourism

The most important characteristic of Kartal district in Istanbul

  1. Kartal is a very lively region.
  2. One of the most important features of Kartal district in Istanbul is that it is a quiet area overlooking the sea, far from the noise of the city.
  3. The Istanbul-Kartal weather is characterized by its mild climate and gentle breezes flowing from the Marmara Sea, which attracts many residents of Kartal to its beautiful parks off the coast.
  4. Kartal is among the most important places you can visit in Istanbul due to its charming sea and mountain views, which are of great value in terms of tourist demand, due to its proximity to the Princes’ Islands known in Turkish as Adalar.
  5. Kartal includes Aydos Hill, which is the highest point in Istanbul. Kartal also contains the Palace of Justice of Asian Istanbul, which is one of the two largest palaces of justice in the city (the other is in the Caglayan region).
  6. Among its most famous tourist sites, in addition to the aforementioned Aydos Hill: Surp Nışan Armenian Church, the historic Kartal Bazaar, Dragos Hill and its surroundings, Kartal Mosque, Yakacik Square, City Park, Aydos Forest, and Soganlik Street.
  7. The region contains high-end residential complexes, and it also contains popular areas, which makes us separate more broadly from the advantages of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul.

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What are the advantages of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul?

Kartal has turned into a preferred destination for high-end real estate ownership in the capital of beauty, Istanbul, due to its many advantages that were manifested in the quality of the real estate product in that region, in addition to the climatic and aesthetic qualities that distinguish it,

its distinctive calmness, and its stunning views of the Marmara Sea, in addition to the integration of its services and the development of its infrastructure, which It is full of commercial centers and service facilities that cover all life needs.

In the Kartal neighborhood of Istanbul, on its sea side, you will be greeted by a group of huge buildings with exceptional designs.

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The best apartments for investment in Kartal, Istanbul

Why buy an apartment in Kartal?

Kartal district in Istanbul

In addition to that Kartal is an area overlooking the sea, far from the noise of the city, quiet, and serviced by health, education and entertainment.

It provides a large number of services, the most important of which is that it is located close to highways, which is a vital advantage for many investors and those wishing to buy a property in Istanbul, as it is close to several important transportation lines such as Kadikoy, Metro Marmaray, and Osman Bridge. Gaseous.

And the availability of this contributes to making many investors put real estate in this region towards their eyes and want to invest in it, and these are the most important points and advantages of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul.

Apartment prices in Kartal Istanbul

The housing offered for sale in Kartal has recorded a good increase in prices compared to previous years, as the average price per square meter of housing (within all its segments) in the Kartal region is about 10,839 Turkish liras, according to the specialized Zengat website.

It is only natural that the prices of apartments vary in such an area due to the diversity of supply, the development of its services, its location, and its views.

Where it is possible to obtain an apartment in the Elise complex of type 2 + 1 and an area of ​​113 square meters, at a price starting from 190 thousand US dollars (according to the price fixed at the date of writing this article), and the options vary above that according to the features of the property and its location.

For a comprehensive view of real estate prices in Kartal available within the latest residential complexes offered for sale, we recommend that you view the website of Astasia Real Estate Company, within the classification of the Kartal region specifically.

The best Astasia real estate projects in Kartal Istanbul

In order for us to be able to present what you are looking for, we will discuss here one of the most important real estate projects of Astasia in Kartal Istanbul:


Investment apartments for sale in Kartal, Asian Istanbul, with sea view and directly in front of the metro station

The project is located on a land area of 7,000 square meters, the building area contains 60% green spaces.It contains one tower of 27 floors, 246 apartments, and 16 shops (Market Migros, Starbucks at the entrance of the project directly)


Location information

  • It is located on the E-5 highway, 15 steps from the metro, 7 km from the sea
  • Coastline: 6 minutes.
  • Sabiha Gokcen International Airport: 20 minutes.
  • Istanbul International Airport: 50 minutes.
  • From the malls of Piazza, Anatolium, Maltepe Park: 4 minutes.
  • The nearest hospital: 4 minutes.
  • Anadolu Adalet Sarayı (Court): 4 minutes.
  • Taksim Square by metro: 45 minutes.

Project services

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • Steam room
  • sauna
  • Terrace with a panoramic view of the sea
  • cafeteria
  • Outdoor cinema area
  • Guest room to be booked in advance
  • Meeting Room


Investment apartments for sale in Kartal, prices and areas

  1. 1 + 1 apartments ranging from 59 square meters to 83 square meters, panoramic views of the sea and the Princess Islands, prices start from 2,670,000 TL
  2. 2 + 1 apartments with an area of 118 square meters, panoramic views of the sea and the Princess Islands, prices start from 3,705,000 TL
  3. 3 + 1 apartments, with an area of 200 square meters, with panoramic views of the sea and the Princess Islands, prices start from 5,568,000 TL

Project delivery date: 10/2021

The title deed is ready and conforms to the conditions of Turkish citizenship



It was explained in detail about the importance Features of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul, and we mentioned the advantages of owning and living in Kartal Istanbul for those wishing to invest in real estate

Astasia Real Estate Company makes your dream come true

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