Apartments surrounded by forests for sale in istanbul, Turkey

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Apartments with Turkish government guarantee for sale in Cekmekoy,  Asian side Istanbul, Turkey, surrounded by forests and services and with installments over 3 years

Spacious apartments surrounded by greenery and forests, these apartments are located in a quiet and high residential area of ​​Çekmekoy. The third Istanbul Bridge can be reached in 20 minutes to move easily around the city, while the second bridge can be reached within 25 minutes. The Çekmeköy metro is only a few minutes away and makes it easy to navigate the Asian side of Istanbul towards schools, shopping centers and commercial areas.


The project is located on a land of about 80 thousand square meters with huge areas designated as green areas, natural spaces and gardens.


Project services:

  • Shops
  • gardens and walkways
  • Areas to sit, relax or sunbathe
  • Picnic areas and beautiful surroundings
  • Organic fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Several communal swimming pools
  • Children’s playground
  • Large fitness center
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Open air cinema
  • Closed and open parking spaces




  • Two minutes from the metro station
  • 10 minutes from Atasehir
  • 20 minutes from Maslak
  • 20 minutes from Levent
  • 35 minutes from Istanbul Airport



Prices and spaces:

1 + 1 apartments starting from 66 m2 are for sale with a price starting from 1,403,000 TL

2 + 1 apartments starting from 99 m2 for sale, with a price starting from 2,220,000 TL

3 + 1 bedroom apartments starting from 126 m2 for sale, with a price starting from 3,237,000 TL

4 + 1 bedroom apartments of 207 m2 are for sale with a starting price of 4,682,000 TL



Payment plan information

40% down payment and the rest for 36 months without interest


Project delivery date: 12/2022

66 m2
Year of build
2.220.000 TL
3،237،000 TL
4،682،000 TL
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • closed swimming pool
  • compound
  • forest view
  • Garage
  • high rent income
  • High standard
  • in front of the metro station
  • indoor park
  • installment without interest
  • Internet
  • Lift
  • open swimming pool
  • sauna
  • security 24 hours
  • suitable for turkish nationality
  • turkish government guarantee

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