Extension of the Validity of entry visa for foreigners to Turkey

Validity of entry visa for foreigners to Turkey

Official Turkish sources report the issuance of new amendments to the entry visa law for foreigners to Turkey, and these amendments included extending the validity of entry visa for foreigners to Turkey.

New amendments to the validity of entry visa for foreigners to Turkey

The sources indicated that according to the new amendment, the validity period of the entry visa for foreigners to Turkey has been changed from five to ten years.

  • The text of the amendment to this law, which was published in the Official Gazette, stated the following: “Extension of the validity of entry visas granted to foreign citizens by Turkish consulates in their countries, or the countries in which they reside legally from five to ten years.”
  • The sources also added that according to these amendments, the visa for foreigners to enter Turkey expires when it is not used within six months from the beginning of the granting of the visa.
  • As the amendment mentioned, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides all services, including granting visas, on its website www.evisa.gov.tr. The services are provided in several languages, including Arabic.
  • The Official Gazette stated that foreigners coming to Turkey through Istanbul International Airport can obtain an electronic visa to enter Turkey through a very easy and simple process, and this is done by means of ten devices distributed at the airport.
  • The foreign comer can pay the full fees on the entry visa, using credit cards “Credit Card” and all the different bank cards.

Source: agencies

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