Tourism revenue in Turkey 2022

Tourism revenue in Turkey

Tourism revenue in Turkey reached the limits of 9 billion dollars during the second quarter of the current year 2022, according to data provided by the Turkish Statistics Authority, where it was stated in a report that “tourism revenues in Turkey” rose in the second quarter of this year 2022 by 190.2%, and that Compared to the same period in the previous year 2021

How much was tourism revenue in Turkey in 2022

  • According to the Turkish Statistics Authority, tourism revenues in Turkey during the mentioned period 2022 amounted to 8 billion 717 million and 103 thousand US dollars.
  • The data of the Turkish Statistics Authority indicated that 83.3% of these revenues came from foreign tourists, and 16.2% of these revenues came from expatriates.
  • The Turkish Statistics Authority added that 70.4% of these visitors came to Turkey for the purpose of entertainment, sports, tourism and other trips, while 14.8% came to Turkey to visit friends and acquaintances, and 6.7% of tourists came to Turkey for the purpose of shopping.

Tourism revenue in Turkey

The Turkish government plans to increase tourism revenues in Turkey 2022 and return it to what it was before Corona:

  • According to a statement presented by Turkish Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy to Anadolu Agency on December 24, he said: “The Ministry of Tourism’s current goal is to achieve tourism revenues of 34.5 billion US dollars next year.”
  • As the Turkish Minister of Tourism, Ersoy added, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it caused a state of uncertainty regarding tourism during the year 2021, which affected the whole world
  • Tourism Minister Ersoy stated that tourism revenues in Turkey in 2022 amounted to about 12 billion US dollars, and added: “We had set at the beginning of this year the goal, which is to achieve an increase in tourism revenues in Turkey by 100 percent, but it seemed difficult at first, but it At the end of the year check.
  • Ersoy indicated that the year 2019 witnessed a record number of tourism revenues in Turkey, this figure reached 34.5 billion US dollars and 51.7 million visitors and tourists.
  • On this issue, Minister Ersoy added that their first goal will be to reach revenue figures in 2019, in addition to rapid growth.
  • Turkey’s revenues from the tourism sector exceeded 29 billion 512 million and 926 thousand dollars in 2018, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority

Turkey is a tourist destination for the holiday of Arab nationalities, due to its possession of many and diverse tourist areas, and Turkey is the link between East and West, linking it between the two continents, Asia and Europe through Istanbul, its largest tourist and historical city.

On November 29, the World Tourism Organization reported that the “Corona” epidemic will cost the global tourism sector two trillion dollars in lost revenue in 2021, describing the sector’s recovery as “fragile” and “slow.”

The United Nations Tourism Authority forecasts that the tourism sector lost the same amount in 2020, making it one of the sectors worst affected by the global health crisis.

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