New Turkish Citizenship Law of 2022

New Turkish Citizenship Law

The new Turkish Citizenship Law Turkey is nowadays one of the most famous countries in the world in terms of investment, as the interest of investors was directed towards Turkey to take advantage of the advantages offered by the Turkish state to investors and money owners who wish to move to Turkey quickly and obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 to 6 months.

There have been several amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law. What are these new amendments, and what is New Turkish Citizenship Law?

What are the new amendments to the new Turkish citizenship law for 2022

The Turkish Anadolu Agency reported, Thursday, 1/6/2022, that it will make amendments to the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through exceptional methods such as investing or buying real estate, and according to the “Regulation for Amending the Regulations Related to the Application of the Turkish Citizenship Law”, which was published in the newspaper On Thursday, foreign currencies deposited in Turkish banks will be sold, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, to the Central Bank.

  • In the middle of 2019, Turkey introduced amendments to obtaining Turkish citizenship in exceptional ways, such as investing, buying real estate or employing citizens.
  • In the latest amendments, foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship if the foreigner buys a property worth more than 400 thousand US dollars, and on the condition that the property is not sold within a period of 3 years.
  • And according to another amendment, the requirement to deposit an amount of money in Turkish banks in exchange for citizenship has been amended, as this condition now provides for a deposit of 500 thousand dollars.
  • The latest amendments stipulate setting the value of the fixed investment in exchange for citizenship at $500,000.
  • Under the “Regulation on Amending Regulations Concerning the Application of the Turkish Citizenship Law”, a foreigner desiring to obtain Turkish citizenship, through one of the methods we mentioned above sells his specified foreign currencies to the Central Bank of Turkey through one of the active banks in the country.
  • The Turkish lira resulting from the sale of the dollar to the Central Bank of Turkey will be kept in lira accounts with banks, or in one of the government debt instruments, for a period of no less than 3 years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship for students

There are great opportunities for students wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, including:

  • The Turkish state grants citizenship to students who have distinguished scientific contributions and innovations and are able to compete at the global level as a kind of honor, and this is considered from Turkey’s interest in scientific research and embracing and benefiting from scientific competencies, and this is in special cases.
  • When you buy a house in Turkey, you get permanent residence and thus obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Marrying a Turkish girl/young man gives you permanent family residency, which will result in you obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • After the student’s study period, provided that it is more than 5 years, he can apply for Turkish citizenship, provided that he obtains a work permit.
  • Have a job for at least 5 years

One of the most important requirements for residency is that the student residing in Turkey for more than 6 consecutive months must not leave Turkey during the five years, which is a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship.

New Turkish Citizenship Law

Stages of naturalization in Turkey 2022

  • The first stage: It is the stage of registration and approval of the application, where the application for naturalization will be registered on the system, to begin the stages of the procedures for granting Turkish citizenship, and its duration is from one week to 25 days.
  • The second stage: Sending the file to the General Directorate in charge of studying the file, but it has not yet arrived, and it lasts from two weeks to a month.
  • The third stage: the file reaches the public administration, and the initial verification of the file is underway, and its duration is from one day to two weeks.
  • The fourth stage The first step: the stage of expansion of the review, keeping the documents and transferring the documents to the competent authority for evaluation. It is the most important stage of naturalization in Turkey. This stage, which the applicant has reached, may sometimes last for several months before making the decision to move to the fifth stage.
  • The fourth stage The second step: the file entered the archive stage and was sent to the competent authorities for evaluation, and your stay in it means that all the responses from the competent authorities have not yet arrived.
  • Fourth stage Third step: The file is still under investigation and scrutiny in the fourth stage, and the duration of the fourth stage is from one year to two years.
  • Waiting stage: Waiting stage within the third or fourth audit stages This message appears when there is a shortage of papers in the file, then you have to review the public souls in your state to find out the missing paper in your file to move to the next stage.
  • The fifth stage The first step: It means that the fourth stage has ended and is awaiting approval to be entered on the list that will be transferred to the Council of Ministers.
  • Fifth stage Second step: It was approved to add the file to the list, and the fifth stage lasts from one month to two months.
  • Sixth stage Step one: The file has been sent to make a decision.
  • The sixth stage The second step: The waiting stage for the result lasts from two weeks to a month.
  • Seventh stage: You have to review the entity through which you applied for exceptional Turkish citizenship to be notified of the result of the application, and its duration is from one to two weeks only.
  • The re-evaluation phase: At this stage, the file has entered the re-evaluation phase again, a fourth re-assessment phase, and this is for some faltering files or related to family files.


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