Pros and cons of living in Turkey 2023 Things you should know

Pros and cons of living in Turkey

If you are considering living in Turkey, this is a wise decision as Turkey is an excellent place to live, especially for people who do not have to navigate education or work systems and have the monthly income to support themselves. However, a balanced view of the unexpected is essential, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of living in Turkey.

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Life in Turkey guide Pros and cons of living in Turkey

Pros of living in Turkey

  1. Weather and Climate: Part of the reason Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in the world is its great weather. Due to the size of the Turkish country, it has many climatic regions, such as Istanbul and the west and south coasts where warm summers bring people from everywhere. If you want to live in Turkey in winter, look to the Antalya region for cool days, when you can swim in the sea in December.
  2. OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE: The weather also adds weight to the outdoor lifestyle that doctors agree is good for our health. Whether you indulge in sports, lounging by the pool or at the beach, taking up hobbies or dining outdoors, the only time people spend indoors is the rainy season, which lasts from January to March.
  3. Opportunities to organize your own business, a simple procedure for opening a sole proprietorship and LLC for foreigners
  4. Simple system for obtaining a residence permit
  5. Healthy eating: Fast food chains offer a busy trade, supermarkets offer frozen foods, but despite this, Turks still embrace healthy eating. The local weekly farmers market is a social spot and traditional dishes feature only the freshest; Organic vegetables are the highlight of every family dinner table.
  6. Cost of Living: Another reason why many expats choose Turkey is the low cost of living. Even for smokers, alcohol drinkers, or those operating a car, costs will soon rise. Other than that, the affordable household bills include water which can be up to 40 lire per month for a family and council tax which is a fraction of the UK. Many former sponsors who sold their properties back home also deposit large amounts of money into high-interest accounts and withdraw interest monthly after taxes are paid.
  7. Pros of living in Turkey
  8. Transport Network: Over the past 20 years, Turkey has invested billions in modernizing its infrastructure as new highways and bridges cut travel times in half, while Istanbul’s new airport on the European side will be the most important air travel hub in the world. For the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, there are three airports; The service resorts of Dalaman, Bodrum and Antalya and their frequent flight schedules mean that anyone from all over the world can get here in no time.

Is living in Turkey cheap or expensive?

Living in Turkey is cheaper than in other Mediterranean countries, so foreigners often choose Turkey for resettlement.

Disadvantages of living in Turkey

  1. Difficulties with learning Turkish: Most of the older expats try to learn Turkish, but often say they are struggling. The good news is that if you settle in a resort with a tourist or expatriate community, the language barrier doesn’t play a big role and many locals speak foreign languages ​​as it increases their career potential. If you need to get into official offices for things like residence permits, or In hospitals, you need a translator however, the language barrier is a temporary problem that sometimes occurs.
  2. Finding New Social Relationships One of the downsides to moving to Turkey is leaving friends and family behind. This means finding new social relationships. In tourist bars, this is done quickly, because many arrivals gather there. Also look for local charities or hobby groups with interested expats. It is found in most places, including Didim, Fethiye, Antalya and Bodrum. Also, take the time to integrate into the community by getting to know your new Turkish neighbors. Turkish culture is hospitable, and they often knock on your door with cake or tea.
  3. Staying in touch and homesick: Once the initial euphoria is gone, some people feel homesick. This happens a lot, especially with grandparents who want to be a part of their young children’s lives. The key during this time is to stay mentally and physically active. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easy to connect with friends and family, using apps like Zoom, Skype, FaceBook Video calling, and What’s App.
  4. Difficulties finding work
  5. Alcohol price hike
  6. Sailing the Red Ribbon: Back in the days, expats in Turkey would jump on ferries through the Greek islands, get a tourist visa and that was enough to keep them in the country, but unfortunately those days are gone, and you need a residence visa and healthcare to live in Turkey, a hurdle Another plus is owning a car, however, long trips, and sometimes, many trips to different offices for a single operation can be stressful. And there is no way around this, so our advice is to take it as it comes. Be prepared for stress and trouble, and you’ll handle it better.

The opinions of immigrants in Turkey about the pros and cons of living in Turkey

  • Oksana, 25 years old, Izmir: “I moved to Turkey to live with my husband. Our marriage was already officially registered. Parents were against it. I myself was afraid of the new culture, terrified by the sad stories of women of eastern countries. But adaptation was easy. She spoke English at first Then I gradually mastered Turkish. I never regretted moving: I live in a holiday resort, on good terms with my beloved man.
  • Ekaterina, 27, Alanya: “I live in Turkey on a tourist visa that I renew regularly. I work by piece and have an income of 1,000 euros. This money is enough for rent, food, travel and shopping. Every day I am active, I have many friends who are easy to make here. Life among Muslims is not Annoying. I plan to apply for citizenship and stay here forever.”

Tips before moving to Turkey

After we have learned about the pros and cons of living in Turkey, I will give some advice before you move to settle in Turkey to have a better life.


1. Financial management is the key

People who earn monthly income other than Turkish Lira and those who are still managing real estate in their home country need to make sure that they have a weekly system to manage their finances. Exchange rates and interest rates are constantly fluctuating, so watch your income and outgoing costs carefully, otherwise you may soon find yourself out of your pocket.

2. History, culture, traditions and food

One easy way to feel at home and make Turkish friends is to learn about regional history, food, and traditions. Turkey is a diverse country, and the culture varies greatly from east to west. This does not mean sitting and spilling over textbooks. A fun way to do this is to travel, even just for a weekend every month, by visiting individual attractions and places, away from your usual accommodations, you can learn more on a weekend Over 100 hours of reading There’s nothing like an experience Personal.

3. Stay away from politics

Since politics is at the forefront of society in almost every country in the world, it is easy to discuss current issues, our advice is to avoid this because Turks are very enthusiastic about their political system, and there is a stark division between political circles, as in other countries, it is a chaotic game and to enjoy yourself and keep On friends, just don’t join the conversation.

4. Learn the Turkish language. It helps to communicate in everyday situations and small conversations.

5. Spend more time with the locals. Go to local cafes, restaurants, etc.

6. Join the group of speakers of your native language in Turkey There you can share your experience, ask for advice and make friends.

7. Make friends with your neighbors. They will help to get acquainted with local traditions.

8. Studying local legislation, history, culture and customs.

9. Choose a tourist city to live in. Attitude towards foreigners is more friendly. You can get a job in the tourism sector

Thus, we have mentioned the most important pros and cons of living in Turkey, which you can benefit from

Summarize the above

Before deciding to move to an eastern country, it is worth considering all the advantages and disadvantages of such a move. While on vacation in one of the resorts, you may get a distorted opinion, because life in real Turkey is different from a short stay. It is necessary to understand the peculiarities of mentality, customs, local culture, spheres of economic and political life in order to adapt to the new reality.

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