How to obtain permanent residence in Turkey, conditions for obtaining permanent residence

Permanent residence in Turkey

There are many types of residence in Turkey and residence is an “official document” issued by the Turkish Immigration Service that can be granted to anyone who enters Turkey legally. There are different types of residency and its purposes, and a person obtains permanent residency in Turkey when the period of his stay in Turkey exceeds 8 years. Among the types of residency we mention:

  1. Tourist residence permit in Turkey (short-term stay in Turkey).
  2. Residence in Turkey by buying a property (Real estate residence in Turkey ).
  3. Residence permit in Turkey.
  4. Student residence in Turkey.
  5. Humanitarian residency in Turkey.
  6. Family residence in Turkey (family residence in Turkey).

What is permanent residence in Turkey?

A person residing in Turkey has the right to apply for permanent residence in Turkey (long-term residence permit in Turkey), if he has completed a period of 8 years within Turkish territory.

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence _ Conditions for permanent residence in Turkey

There are several conditions and steps that must be met to obtain permanent residence, and these conditions are:

To reside in Turkish territory for 8 continuous years, especially in recent years, for three continuous years.
The person applying for permanent residence must have a high income or at least sufficient to provide his family with a good and luxurious life.
The applicant must have long-term, unexpired health insurance.
This person must be in the proper security situation, i.e. he should not pose any danger to public order and security.
You have not received social assistance for the last three years.

Permanent residence in Turkey by buying a property

Many investors want to buy real estate in Turkey in order to obtain a residence permit that allows the owner to settle in Turkey. Turkish citizens enjoy various rights such as education, medical care, transportation and other rights.

However, in order to own a house in Turkey, you need to buy a property worth at least 250 thousand US dollars. The real estate residence is very similar to the tourist residence, but the real estate residence is stronger in terms of duration and ability to renew, and under the real estate residence you can stay in Turkey legally For 8 years, which is the period that qualifies you to obtain a permanent residence in Turkey.


Advantages of permanent residence

  • Refugees or persons enjoying temporary protection, humanitarian or secondary residence are not granted permanent residence in Turkey.
    Foreigners residing with a long-term residence permit have the right to enjoy most of the rights granted to a Turkish citizen, except for some basic rights such as (candidacy, election, public office, import of cars).
    The owner of permanent residence is exempted from the obligation to perform military service.
    The permanent resident keeps his own interests in insurance.
    The permanent residence permit is issued indefinitely (unlimited) in Turkey.

Benefits of permanent residence in Turkey

Whoever owns this residence permit will be considered completely exempt from military service, and whoever owns this residence will retain all his rights related to insurance, and none of them expire, and finally, permanent residence in Turkey does not have any time to announce the expiration of its period. This is almost one of the most important benefits of this residence, You can also apply to Turkish Nationality  These are the most prominent advantages of permanent residence in Turkey.

How to get permanent residence in Turkey

In order to be able to obtain permanent residence in Turkey through real estate or by any other method, you must prepare the papers and abide by all the conditions of permanent residence in Turkey. These required papers are:

Papers and documents required to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

  1. Residence permit application form
  2. The applicant’s passport with a copy
  3. Previous residence permit
  4. A document that proves that no aid has been received
  5. Personal Photos
  6. Clarify financial income through a statement
  7. uncontested document
  8. Valid medical insurance
  9. the address
  10. Application for permanent residence

The cost of permanent residence in Turkey _ permanent residence in Turkey price

The price and cost of permanent residence in Turkey are only a nominal fee to be paid upon application, and these fees do not exceed 500 Turkish liras only.

Real estate residence in Turkey

Real estate residence in Turkey is a document obtained from the immigration offices of the Turkish states that allows the holder to legally enjoy education, medical care and living rights in Turkey. This residence is temporary and must be renewed annually.
This residence permit is granted to foreigners who want to own property and settle in Turkey, and their spouses and family members, including their children under the age of 18, are entitled to obtain a real estate residence permit.

Turkish laws allow the General Administration of Immigration in the Turkish states to issue a residence permit valid for a maximum of one or two years to foreigners who wish to obtain a residence permit for real estate.

Real estate residence form in Turkey

The easiest way to obtain residence in Turkey

Article 1 of the Turkish Nationality Law No. 403 states that a person who has Turkish parents has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, and anyone who has been married to a Turkish citizen for 3 years obtains Turkish citizenship, provided that this does not pose a threat to Turkish public security.

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Residence in Turkey

Permanent residence in Turkey fine

In fact, only tourist residency, limited residency, and permanent residency will exempt you from paying the delay fine, even if the permitted period has been exceeded.

Permanent residence in Turkey when does it end?

In fact, permanent residence is called long-term residence because it remains valid and there is no specific period for its expiry.

Permanent residence in Turkey for Egyptians

According to the Turkish Foreigners Law regarding legal residence permits in Turkish territory, any foreign citizen can obtain a permanent residence permit in Turkey and this law also covers Egyptian citizens.

Egyptian nationality holders can obtain several different types of residence permits in Turkey and fulfill the necessary conditions, by submitting the necessary documents to the Turkish Immigration Office upon entering the country.

How to obtain residency in Turkey for Syrians

A Syrian who has resided in Turkey for eight years may apply for permanent residence in Turkey under certain conditions.

The first is that he resided uninterruptedly for 8 years, which is a legal residence through the tourist residence and not the humanitarian residence, because the humanitarian residence is just a temporary protection.

Second: He must have a valid passport and prove his ability to live in Turkey by submitting bank statements.

Real estate in Turkey enables you to obtain Turkish residency and citizenship


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