Low rent areas in Istanbul

Low rent areas in Istanbul

In Istanbul, rent areas are low

Are there low rent areas in Istanbul? Is it possible for rents to decrease after the recent rise?

After the great rise witnessed by all the states of Istanbul, including Istanbul, some areas began to witness a decrease in rents, and among these areas:

Some areas have low rents in Istanbul

House rents are declining in some areas of Istanbul, according to Dunya newspaper, and a decline has been observed ranging from 4 to 13% in most neighborhoods in Istanbul.

According to Emlakje data, an increase of 6% in June and 8% in July was observed in Istanbul

Low rent areas in Istanbul:

  • Average rents in the Besiktas region decreased by 10% in July.
  • In Bahçelievler, Ataşehir and Çekmeköy, rental prices have fallen in the last month.

Prices increased by 6% in Istanbul and by 8% in Ankara, while in Izmir, rents decreased by 4%. As for Antalya, it has witnessed sharp price shifts in the recent period, and it is noticeable that the rise has stopped and prices have begun to go down as rent prices in Antalya have decreased by 7%.

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