How did Islamic tourism in Turkey and Malaysia ? What are the halal hotels 2022

Islamic tourism in Turkey and Malaysia

Muslim countries such as Turkey and Malaysia do not prohibit wearing the veil in public pools and beaches, but we see that some private hotels prohibit such dresses in swimming pools and beaches, and many veiled women do not feel comfortable. While spending their holidays in mixed places, the concept of Islamic tourism in Turkey and Malaysia and halal hotels, providing a friendly environment for Muslims to spend their holidays comfortably and at the same time not violating their values. Let’s get to know more about these hotels.

How did halal hotels start

Halal hotels, which provide a special suitable environment for Muslims, are very popular in tourist countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey, which are visited by many tourists from different countries of the world.

According to Omar Tekin, a faculty member at Akdeniz University’s Department of Tourism, the first “Muslim-friendly” hotels date back to the 1970s, but these hotels developed further in the 1990s, and were further developed in 2006, especially for young Muslims as they started with many Trips are more independent either with the aim of tourism or with the aim of exploring the world, and countries such as Turkey have become one of the most important options for these young people.

What distinguishes halal hotels from other hotels

What distinguishes halal hotels from others is that they provide a suitable environment for Muslims, for example, they do not offer pork in their menu, avoid serving alcoholic beverages, and provide places for swimming or resting for women only in which they provide services such as sauna and others.

Islamic tourism market in Turkey and Malaysia

Although the market for Islamic hotels has spread far and wide, these hotels are still not able to meet the huge demand for them. This leads to their high prices, and hotels that adopt “halal” tourism as a principle, despite the high prices, are not without tourists during the tourist season.

  • According to statistics, the Muslim-friendly tourism market accounts for only 5% of the global tourism market.
  • “Those who go on vacation to hotels that embrace the concept of Islamic tourism are usually large families of at least 5-6 people who spend a lot of money,” says Tekin. “Although the Islamic tourism market is small in terms of quantity, it is a highly valued market in terms of quality.”
  • It is noteworthy that tourism, which provides a friendly environment for Muslims, is on the path of further development. Tekken says the market will “expand rapidly in the near future” due to rising standards of living and income, as well as a growing global Muslim population, and racism against them has also contributed to the rising shares of Muslim tourism.
  • He added: “After the events of 9/11, we see that Islamophobia has spread and settled in many non-Muslim countries, especially in the USA, these hotels attract a lot of attention because Muslims feel safer and more comfortable here. It aims primarily to provide more Opportunities for women and children to have a happy holiday. In fact, many of these hotels also offer child-friendly solutions. For this reason, we consider them not only an option for conservative tourists, but some secular tourists also prefer these hotels.”

Why is this kind of Islamic tourism booming? Islamic tourism in Turkey and Malaysia

  • Tourism and “Islamic” hotels are flourishing, which provide a friendly environment for Muslims, especially as they provide multiple options and a greater margin of freedom for veiled women.
  • For example, although the wearing of veiled swimwear is not prohibited in Muslim countries such as Turkey and Malaysia, some hotels prohibit the wearing of veiled swimwear in swimming pools and beaches. An option not available in many places.
  • While some women who prefer to spend their holidays in such hotels say that they are not discriminated against as veiled in a country like Turkey, for example, the ban on veiled swimwear in some hotels leads them to prefer only halal hotels. It provides comfort and privacy at the same time.

Examples of halal hotels in Turkey

  1. If you visit Antalya in Turkey and want to stay in a place that allows women freedom of movement and swimming, then Adin Beach Hotel may be the perfect choice.
  2. Established in 1984, this hotel has been greatly expanded to include villas with jacuzzi on balconies and private sauna in every room, but most importantly the hotel is known for providing a “friendly” environment for Muslims and especially veiled women.
  3. Hilal Namal, vice chairman of the hotel board, who said the hotel creates an ideal environment for veiled ladies, told Middle East Monitor, “It is not easy for women to swim in veiled swimwear, because women do. They do not feel comfortable because of their different external appearance. As They also need to get doses of vitamin D from direct exposure to sunlight.”
  4. Namal explained that the hotel offers 3 different beaches; one for women, one for families, and a third for men and she assures that the women’s beach is completely secluded; Therefore, women are completely free to wear whatever they want on the beach.
  5. She adds that the hotel is a good option for many women, including those who don’t wear the hijab, and she said, “Some women who don’t wear the hijab come to the hotel because they feel more comfortable wearing a bikini on the ladies’ beach.”

As mentioned earlier, this type of hotel is often overpriced due to the quality they offer and in great demand, so the price for a villa at Adin Beach Hotel can be around $1,000 per night. At this rate the hotel remains fully booked during the tourist season.

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