10 marine destinations in Turkey you can visit in September

10 marine destinations in Turkey you can visit in September

September is considered one of the quietest months in the world, especially in Turkey in summer resorts, because of the end of the summer vacation season and the start of schools and universities. For this reason, September always stands out as an ideal option for those who have not yet embarked on a cruise or who want to finally swim before the end of summer.

In this report, we list 10 marine destinations in Turkey you can visit in September where you can swim in September and enjoy your summer vacation before the autumn season.

10 marine destinations in Turkey you can visit in September

1- Fethiye

Fethiye, located in Mugla Province, is at the top of the list of tourist places for summer vacation in September. While some consider this period to be one of the best times to go and visit Fethiye, which has a green nature and a mild summer atmosphere, the sea water temperature in Fethiye is still at levels where people can swim and have fun; As the area is less crowded this month.

The beaches of Oludeniz and Belgians in Fethiye, which attract the attention of the world with their nature and historical beauty, are among the most beautiful options that can be preferred for swimming.

2- Ayvalık

The next recommendation is Ayvalık, which offers a quieter and more peaceful holiday from the areas filled with huge resorts and hotels.

The waters of Altınoluk Beach and Ortunç Bay are very suitable for swimming in September. While in Ayvalik, don’t forget to stop at Cunda Island for dinner, Devil’s Table for romantic sunsets, and the streets of ancient Greek houses for a trip into the past.

3- Side

Autumn is considered one of the best seasons to visit Side, which is located east of Antalya, where the sea is most beautiful and beautiful. While visitors can swim comfortably in Side until mid-October, Side Hotels and Resorts, whose prices rise due to its popularity in the summer months, offer reasonable rates in September.

While on vacation in Side, you should definitely visit the famous historical places like “Historic Side Town” (Sidda Old Town) and “Historic Theater of Aspendos” (Ancient Theater of Aspendos). The beaches of Side Halk, Sorgun Halk and Kumköy are among the most beautiful swimming options in this area.



4- Kemer

  • Side is not the only place for swimming in Antalya, another great tourist area that attracts great interest during the summer and early autumn months is Kemer.
  • In September, the area offers a unique blend of city and sea, away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Moonlight beach in the center of Kemer and the public beach near the port of Kemer are among the most beautiful places to swim.

5- Kaş

It is possible to spend a quieter and more enjoyable holiday in September in the Kas region in western Antalya, which is one of the most preferred holiday resorts by domestic and foreign tourists in the summer with its famous beaches. Kaputaş Beach is among the world famous beaches. In addition to this beautiful beach, beaches such as Patara and Aksagerme are also preferred.

6- Datca

  • Datça, one of the most ideal vacation spots to enjoy autumn, is a very nice place to enjoy September with its warm air, clear sea and calm atmosphere.
  • Visitors can rent a car from Dalaman Airport to Dacha. Options such as Kargı Bay, Ovabükü and Palamutbükü can be considered great places for swimming in Datça.
  • You can swim in Kumluk Beach in the evening and have a pleasant dinner at the places where dinner is done on the beach at sunset.

7- Çeşme

  • Thanks to its clear sea, the interest in Şeşme as a tourist destination is increasing day by day. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean region within its borders, Çeşme remains one of the quietest and the sea is still warm in September.
  • Visitors can swim at the world-famous Ilica Beach with its white sand, at Altinkum Beach which is prized for its smooth sea, and at Ayurgi Village Bay, where those who admire its turquoise waters will want to come back again.

8- Karaburun

Besides Çeşme, Karaburun is also a convenient option for swimming in Izmir during September.

The area that fascinates its visitors with its natural beauty is very small, but on the other hand, it has beautiful beaches such as Mordogan and Mimosa for swimming and enjoying nature. The underwater world of Karaburun, very favorite for snorkeling, contains an untouched beauty.

9- Kuşadası

Kusadasi, one of the most beautiful areas of Aydin Province on the Aegean coast, is also one of the unique destinations for swimming in September. It is definitely a recommended area for those who want to spend a pleasant holiday with its five-star hotels with different concepts from those in Antalya.

10- Şile

Located in Istanbul, Chileans are preferred by city dwellers for swimming in the summer months, and visitors can swim in the sea water even in September. Those who love to swim can make daily plans for Chile, as the water has not cooled completely yet. Especially those who think they can’t swim enough this summer can definitely give Chile a chance.

These were among the most important marine destinations in Turkey that you can visit in September and enjoy a special vacation. 10 marine destinations in Turkey you can visit in September

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